Authentic tempura crafted
with sincerity and perfection at heart.

Tempura is a culinary treasure box that takes the inherent flavours of various ingredients and encloses them in a flaky, crispy exterior.
An expression of Japan’s four seasons, these exquisite foods are wrapped in a delectable batter and deep fried to perfection.
From the selection of ingredients to their preparation and presentation, our tempura’s simplicity allows you to experience delicate tastes and the refined skills of our chef in each and every bite.
Carefully assessing each ingredient, we draw out their unique traits to make tempura that truly shines.
Focusing on the minute changes of each season, we select the ideal batter thickness and perfect oil temperature for the items we serve each day.
Listening carefully to our customers, we passionately and flexibly meet their diverse needs.
We never cease our pursuit of the most delicious cuisine and the highest quality hospitality.
Spend a moment of comfort in a space that balances the warmth and refinement of Japanese beauty, while enjoying delicious flavours you will only find here.
Authentic tempura crafted with sincerity and perfection at heart.
At Tenshima, we promise each customer an experience they will never forget.

Authentic tempura
made from the best Japanese ingredients,
served right here in Singapore.

We procure the finest seasonal ingredients from each region of Japan to deliver authentic tempura that lets you truly experience Japan’s four seasons. From rare mountain delights to delicious treasures of the sea, we offer a rich assortment of ingredients seldom found in Singapore.

Cooked in high-quality oil to highlight the ingredients’ true flavour, Tenshima’s tempura starts with a crisp outer exterior that will mesmerise you the second you take a bite. This is followed by the rich flavour, aroma, and umami of the ingredient hidden inside the thinly battered crust.

Enhance the spectacular flavour of each piece of tempura by adding our specially-selected salt. Never oily, our elegant tempura will leave you coming back for more. Come and discover authentic tempura right here in Singapore.

Head Chef
Head Chef
Takahiro Shima
Truly delicious tempura made perfectly that day

Tempura master Shima pays the utmost attention to the quality of ingredients, the conditions of the seasons, and the needs of his customers.
No day is alike when it comes to frying tempura. Extracting the essence of the ingredient is, of course, essential. However, fine tuning the cooking process is also important, as the size and water content of each ingredient will vary and be influenced by the weather that day. Paying attention to each of these minute variations, Shima determines the perfect batter thickness and oil temperature to best match the ingredients used that day. With tender care, he lovingly crafts each piece of tempura we serve.

At Tenshima, we are committed to pursuing the most exceptional flavours and services day in and day out. Our mission is to deliver cuisine and customer service that best aligns with each guest’s needs in terms of their individual tastes, requests, and the purpose of their visit. With this commitment in mind, we promise to greet our customers with a oncein-a-lifetime authentic Japanese experience so they can walk away with a day they will remember forever.

The hospitality of a classic Japanese restaurant
set in a space combining
the traditional and modern beauty of Japan.

This is true right down to the copper equipment used in our kitchen.
Beyond the special atmosphere and warmth we have worked to create visually, we have also chosen materials that donot retain the scent of oil so guests can better experience this comfortable space with all five senses.

To ensure each of our customers can take their time and enjoy their meal, we limit our lunch and dinner services to 10 persons each. This allows us not only to deliver top quality traditional Japanese tempura every time but also to flexibly arrange our dishes according to the preferences and styles of each individual customer. At Tenshima, we promise to deliver a moment of deliciousness and comfort with unparalleled hospitality that will leave you feeling transported to a classic restaurant in Japan.

At Tenshima, we believe the highest form of hospitality can only come from the combination of delicious cuisine and impeccable service. This is why we pour our heart into everything we do.
The exterior and interior of our restaurant fuses refined modern designs with traditional Japanese beauty. From the Japanese cypress countertops to the mikageishi granite and washi paper motifs, we have selected materials with a texture and colour to best create an elegant Japanese space for our guests to enjoy.

Address : 9 RAFFLES BLVD #01-09/10 MILLENIA WALK, SINGAPORE 039596
Email :
Tel : 6226 6666
Operation hours : Lunch at 12:30pm - 3:00pm (Last Seatings 1:30pm)
Tuesday to Wednesday, Friday to Sunday

Dinner at 6:30pm - 10:00pm (Last Seatings 8:00pm)
Tuesday & Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

Dinner at 6pm - 10:30pm
Thursday & Friday
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